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Linear Configuartion / 2 Lamps

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Nora Lighting
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Multi- Lamp functionality and architectural aesthetics define recessed line voltage multiple lighting system. The recessed family of fixtures are in one to five Lamp fixtures in linear, ``l`` shaped, and square configurations to compliment most applications. The fixture fascia is slightly recessed above the ceiling line, creating a stylish coffered ceiling design. A variety of fully adjustable trims are offered for independent aiming of each Lamp.Input: 120vminimum clearances: non-ic housings require a minimum clearance of 3`` from thermal insulation and 1/2`` from adjacent building componentsinstallation: universal brackets accept 25`` c-channel bar hangers (nra-38), 27`` flat bar hangers (nra-28), 24-1/2`` bar hangers with captive nails (nra-60), or simple rigid 1/2`` steel conduit for tie-down to ceilings grids.Wattage:150w maximum Lamps:75w par30 maximum150w par38 maximum dimensions: length: 19``width: 9-1/2``depth: 8``listing:culus damp location w/ feed throughitem numbers:nmri-12n1075 - linear configuration / 1 Lamp, 75w par30nmri-12n18150 - linear configuration / 1 Lamp, 150w par38
Product Details
Product Name:Linear Configuartion / 2 Lamps
Max. Wattage:75W
Bulb Type:Par30